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The year was 1987 and Mr. Vijay Goel was campaigning against the addiction to playing lotteries. During this Anti-Lottery Campaign he came in close contact with the people living under deplorable conditions. People living in slum clusters, battling poverty in its various forms. Especially the children deprived of the very basic right of having a hassle-free, joyful childhood.

These children melted his heart and made him say “I have to do something from them!” What better thing could one think of doing for a child whose entire childhood suffers neglect, than get him/her a toy to play with? A toy to dream, fantasize and grow with.

Soon, the idea of The Toy Bank started firming up in his head. He pondered, unlike traditional joint families of the earlier times; where everything from toys to clothes were invariably a hand-me-down passing from one sibling to the other. These days families are much smaller in size (with one child or two) and thus, once the child grows, all the things, including toys becomes useless. These toys, he thought, could be put to good use.

He discussed the idea of The Toy Bank with his daughter; she was fascinated by the idea and promised to be part of the project. She and her friends even offered to visit various schools and residential areas to collect the toys and spread the joy of The Toy Bank among the poor children.

Toys have also come of age. Earlier, toys were made of materials like clay, wood, rags, etc. and hence had a smaller lifespan . But nowadays, toys are made of plastic and foam etc. and hence have a longer life. A contemporary soft toy for instance, can be simply dry-cleaned and it is as good as new.

This insight into the transient nature of fascination that a toy invokes in a child and the longer life span of contemporary toys helped shape the idea of The Toy Bank. A toy has a very limited fascination in a child’s life. After the initial euphoria of playing, the toy soon outlives the child’s fantasy as the child grows and gets discarded. Its is this discarded toy that The Toy Bank lays its hopes on, to bring joy to the lives of less-privileged children.

In short, The Toy Bank is all about recycling toys, recycling smiles!