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Toys are essential part of the childhood . Even a simple thing like small piece of wire gets converted into a beautiful article , when fired by a child’s imagination. The boundless joys unleashed by such simple and innovative concept like Toy Bank will help our society in its own unique way .

Atal Bihar Vajpayee, Former Prime Mister of India

Toy Bank is a very innovative idea which will inculcate in children social and behavioural values incuding sharing , charity , responsibility and the need for social environmental practices like recycling , while bringing joy and cheer to under priviledged children. This is an idea worth emulating on a much wider scale.

P. Chidambaram, Union Home Minster of India

The mission statement of The Toy Bank – “Recycling toys – Recycling Smiles “is very inspiring message and it is wonderful gesture to bring happiness to innocent children who are deprived of such simple joys of life.

Sharad Pawar, Minster of Agriculture

The Toy Bank no doubt is an innovative silent revolution which would go a long way in bringing happiness on the faces of deprived and neglected children.

Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi

The ‘ Recycling of Toys’ is a good idea as it will serve the dual purpose , one making available toys to needy children , and help keeping the environment pollutant free for considerable time .

Dr. Akhilesh Prasad Singh, Former Minister of State

Toy Bank for the under priviledged children of the society is an excellent idea.Every child has the right to survive and develop with all the joys and pleasures that childhood alone offers. However many children in our society are deprived of the natural joys of childhood because of deprivation and destitution. Children find toys as companions as they provide them with pleasure of playfulness, innovation and creativity. The children of the under priviledged in our society can hardly afford to have toys when finding two meals a day in itself is a problem for them. The establishment for the Toy Bank for such children is a very welcome step and the Toy Bank deserves our admiration for this innovative act.

Mahabir Reddy

It is heartening to learn that the Toy Bank is engaged in philanthropic activity of collecting old and discarded toysfrom various homes and people so that the toys can bring cheer and joy to under priviledged children. It is indeed a commendable step in this direction.I have no doubt that the society’s welfare activities for the overall good and upliftment of poor and needy children will continue incessantly.

Naran Bhai J Rathwa

I appreciate the efforts of the society in recycling toys for the benefit of the under – priviledged children of our society. It will undoubtedly poster a culture of philanthropic service amongst the members of the society and those associated with it .

P. R. Dasmuni

I am happy to know that Toy Bank is doing very wonderful job by giving smiles to little under privileged children by distributing recycled toys to them.

R. Velu

It has been established by various studies that toys play a very important and significant role in the mental and physical development of a child . Since the cost of toys are considered to be on higher side in India as compared to other countries , the ideas of recycling toys is an excellent idea to serve the under priviledged children in their overall growth.

Sis Ram Ola

Everyone passes through childhood stage. The requirement of children during their childhood is only play things which many parents are unable to meet their demand owing to financial constraints . To overcome such problems opening of a toy bank is a unique idea by which under privileged child is able to have a wide range of toys to play. Collection of toys also helps in prevention of large scale pollution caused by plastic items.

K. Venkatpathy