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What we do
The Toy Bank as the name suggests houses toys. The Toy Bank collects these toys from you, restores them and redistributes them to children The Mission statement is to recycle toys- recycle smiles on blooming young faces.

Collection of Toys
We at the Toy Bank collect toys through various collection centers spread across the city. We also collect toys via Collection Drives that we organize at various private schools and corporate houses. The motive behind these drives is to encourage parents and children to donate as many toys that could help in bringing more smiles.

The Toys collected through schools follow a very systematic procedure. The Toy Bank coordinator corresponds with the principal or in charge of the concerned school, and hands over the details of the Toy Bank to be distributed amongst the students. We usually get an entusiastic response from the students who donate their cherished toys for this noble cause. These toys are then collected from the respective schools by our Toy Bank Coordinator.

Toys are also collected through collection centres. These collection centres spread across the city are the homes or offices of volunteers who have offered a small place in their premises as collection centre. They provide easy access to anyone who wishes to donate toys. Currently we have collection centres all around Delhi – NCR region. Please have a look at list of our Toy Drop offs centres.

Recycling of Toys
The idea of recycling is neither new, nor is the idea of giving your old belongings to someone who can use them. We, in India, have traditionally been giving our belongings like clothes, toys, books, etcs to our younger siblings, cousins etc.

At The TOY BANK, we were happy to adopt the idea of recycling the toys at a broader scale . All toys are recycled and repackaged to broaden the recycled smile.
Recycling toys Recycling smiles

Distribution of Toys
Ask any Toy Bank member , volunteer or supporter, and everyone will tell you that distribution is their favorite activity. We all look forward for the distribution day. The feeling one gets after the distribution is irreplaceable. Witnessing joy and happiness on each child’s face after receiving toys is a moving experience. Whatever baggage of thoughts we carry with us in our mind on the distribution day; it gets swapped with a unique contentment. We carry the recycled toys to the distribution site which can be a school, a locality etc; and distribute toys to children. We humbly try to match each child’s expectation based on the toys we have.