What We Do

What We Do


House Hold Collection: We gather used and unused toys through our dropping centres spread across India. These are homes or offices of volunteers who have offered a small place in their premises for collecting toys.

Collection Drives: We periodically carry out collection drives in various private schools, housing complexes and corporate houses.


The toys that are collected through the collection centres and collection drives in schools and corporates are then refurbished and repackaged into age-graded toy kits and re-distributed to villages in rural and tribal areas to create toy libraries.


Ask any member, volunteer or supporter of The Toy Bank and everyone will tell you that distribution is their favorite activity. We all look forward for the distribution day. Witnessing happiness on each child’s face after receiving the toys is a moving experience. The toys are dispatched to Schools, Anganwadis, Shelter Homes, Orphanages, Educational Centres etc. as requested to us by organisations or individuals. In each of these structures, we create toy libraries for children to come in and play!