Engage with us (Corporate Engagement)


[The Toy Bank is in operation for past 10 years and maintains impeccable record in creating lasting impact for children.] Your company can partner with us through-

Monetary contributions: Donations made to Toy bank go to cover our increasing logistic and operational costs. We maintain full transparency in our financial and operational matters which are periodically documented in our annual report. Additionally, we publish half-yearly reports on statistical and anecdotal impact made in the lives of children through our activities.

Project-focused contributions: Contributions can also be made to fund an existing project or a new project in the area of a company’s choice. Toy bank would monitor and evaluate the project activities to present the company an impact-report for its financial donations.

Contributions in kind: If you are firm involved in logistics or manufacturing toys or kids-focused products, you may partner with us in providing new materials to set up toy libraries in slums or anganwadis.