Knowing The Toy Bank

Knowing The Toy Bank

Knowing The Toy Bank

The Toy Bank project is supported by The Toy Bank Charitable Trust and Vaish Aggarwal Educational Society. As the name suggests, Toy Bank houses toys. We believe that a child’s brain develops when they are involved in active physical and mental activities. Play should not be considered as a leisure activity, but something that aids in the growth of a child and promotes emotional well being as well. It is through games and toys that a toddler learns to identify colours and shapes, thereby helping improve their motor skills. For young children as well, learning alphabets and numbers can be far easier if done using toys or games.

With this belief, The Toy Bank caters to the specific needs of kids to play with toys. We ensure that the child has access to toys – both educational and for leisure, thereby making certain that the child’s Right to Play is not violated. We also believe that toys are extremely significant for the holistic development of a child and therefore work vigorously in providing toys and story books to the underprivileged children.

The Toy Bank has expanded its work in 26 states and 4 Union Territories of India since the past 15 years. We will be soon expanding to the North East with our first collaboration with the Manipur Govt. These toys are collected through our collection centres as well as collection drives in schools and corporates. The toys are then refurbished and repackaged into age-graded toy kits and re-distributed to villages in rural and tribal areas.

Why A Toy?

Toys, apart from being a source of entertainment, also help in the holistic development of children. Toys help in fostering the mental, emotional and social development of children. A child’s brain is developed by the age of four. Playing games enhances the development of the physical and motor skills and spur growth of cognitive abilities and social skills in the children. It is in the light of these facts, we believe in “Recycling Toys-Recycling Smiles“.

Development of Physical Skills: Physical and motor skills are developed in children through toys and games as they learn to perform different activities such as reach, grasp, crawl, run and balance. Fine motor skills are also developed as children handle small toys.

Development of Cognitive Thinking: Cognitive thinking in children is developed as they learn to solve problems through games and they also learn to recognize colours, numbers and shapes. It also enhances their memory power and concentration.

Development of Language Skills: Children learn a lot through various games and toys as they interact with others. Language skills are greatly developed through the storytelling and portraying different characters.

Development of Emotional Well-being: Children through play learn to identify different emotions. Playing with educational toys help them to express themselves and understand the surroundings. It also helps the child to accomplish his/her wishes.

Development of Social Skills: Various social skills are developed in children as they get involved in games and play. They learn basic social skills such as sharing, caring and enjoying others’s success. As a result, the children learn the rules of the society.