School connect program

School Connect Program

In small schools and rural schools in India, kids often do not have toys to play with, hence a Toy Library is a distant dream. School Connect Program is a unique solution to the problem faced by thousands of school children and their parents. It helps in channelizing the non-utilized toys in affluent cities/schools to underprivileged schools and children.It not only connects two extreme ends of the society, the less fortunate ones with the fortunate ones but also, this program ensures that it is a cost-effective channel, which is easily replicable.


Anganwadi Connect Program

Highlighting on the significance of early childhood education, the Toy Bank’s Anganwadi Connect Program aims to increase the attendance of the children in the Anganwadis as well as to ensure holistic development of these children which happens through early stimulation by play-way methods. This connect program has received phenomenal response for its achievement in increasing the attendance of kids in Anganwadis.


Rural Connect Program

The Toy Bank’s Rural Connect Program aims to reach out to the children in rural and remote areas. One of the key objectives of Toy bank is to distribute toys to those children who are least likely to have them. With this thought, we distribute toys at panchayat ghars and other rural communities in remote areas.