Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Vidyun Goel : Director, The Toy Bank

At the core of a child’s heart lies the desire to play with a toy. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile that a toy brings to a child’s face; unfortunately many children are deprived of these smiles.

The Toy Bank was hence established for bringing joy in life of every child through toys. This is done by recycling the donated toys and distributing them to those who would need them the most. In last fifteen years, the Toy bank has worked with willing patrons to bring smiles to over 5 lakh kids.

Our dedicated processing centers ensure each donated toy is checked for damage and is fixed, if required. It is then cleaned and repackaged to make it ready for dispatch. Select toys are then distributed to kids on basis of their intellectual and emotional state/maturity, while keeping in mind the age and gender of the kids concerned. Care is taken to ensure toys reach remote villages of India where the resources are pretty limited.

This is made possible through generous contributions and our partners who work at government schools, anganwadis, orphanages and slums.

The idea of recycling is a not new; we have traditionally been giving our clothes, toys to our younger siblings. At Toy bank, we adopt this idea (joy-of-giving) at a broader community-level. Join us in our mission of recycling toys to recycle smiles.

I am extremely glad that The Toy Bank has reached rural and tribal areas in 26 states and 4 Union Territories across the country and by the end of 2021 I am hoping we would be able to impact the lives of children in all the 26 states! !