Our Impact

Our Impact

Decrease in dropouts after setting up Toy Library

Once the age-appropriate and gender-neutral Toy Libraries were created, it was observed that children’s interest to stay in the schools/ anganwadis/ learning centres increased manifold. More than 60% of the respondents have shared that there has been a decrease in the dropout rate after the setting up of Toy Libraries

Increase in attendance after The Toy Bank’s intervention

The Educative Toy Libraries have not only decreased the dropout rate but also managed to engage the children in playful activities and stay in the school throughout the school hours. This will ensure the children will be able to settle in the mainstream educational system.

Increased opportunities to play in groups

Creation of Toy Libraries is done in order to increase group play among the children. Playing in groups helps to enhance their social and communication skills. Over 90% of the respondents said that creation of Toy Libraries has increased the opportunity for children to play in groups. Playing in group also teaches negotiation, leadership skills as well leads to increased empathy towards others.

Not just play

We ensure that the Toy Library is not only for leisure activity but also for the holistic development of child. Different games like building blocks, monopoly, puzzles, life skill games, soft toys and other educational toys will benefit the children in the development of social skills, communications, critical thinking, develop fine motor skills, improves concentration, build confidence, think critically, helps to build language and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Equal opportunities to play

The Toy Bank believes in creating gender neutrality through toys. And it is with this vision that Toy Libraries are created. Toy Libraries give the children freedom to choose and play with what they want rather than stereotyping toys basis gender.

Learning from story books

Our Educative Toy Libraries not only consist of toys and board games but also story books. We ensure that in accordance with the age of the child, the libraries consist of story books that will help the child develop reading and learning skills.

Engagement in indoor activities

Majority respondents have shared that children indulge in indoor activities and play. In order to encourage indoor activities, we include board games and building blocks with alphabets or numbers on it. This helps the children to learn alphabets/ numbers while engaging in play within the schools/ anganwadis/ educational centres. These games also enhance their concentration and learning skills.


Satisfaction on the toys recieved

Nearly 94% respondents are satisfied with the toys that we have sent across to create Toy Libraries. And, all the respondents shared that they would definitely partner with The Toy Bank in the future.